Relief International Afghan Refugee Emergency Assistance Operation 2018-09-07T09:44:42+00:00

Relief International Afghan Refugee Emergency Assistance Operation

Countries: Pakistan and Tajikistan
Funding Amount: $50,000

Goals: Reduce mortality and disease among refugees and refugee-affected populations in Pakistan and Tajikistan; support and strengthen existing health systems; empower and build capacity of Afghani health workers in preparation for repatriation.

Emergency Mobile Health Clinics and way stations will be established to address the health care needs of Afghani refugees in Pakistan and Tajikistan. Each clinic will be capable of treating up to 30,000 refugees over a two-month period. GCF’s contribution will support the computers and systems necessary to treat and monitor patients, collect epidemiological data and share it among NGOs and government authorities, and establish a basis for the future development of communities and health care systems. Other aspects of this program include training and support for Afghani health workers among the refugees, who will return to Afghanistan to continue health care work when feasible.

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