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Relief International – Azerbaijan

Country: Azerbaijan
Funding Amount: $49,818

Goals: Empower refugees, internally displaced people, and the rural population in targeted areas of Azerbaijan by providing increased
access to a wider array of information. Facilitate and encourage participation by these groups in the global arena of governance and business.

Relief International, in partnership with Open Society Institute and the Global Catalyst Foundation, is implementing the Community Information Resource Center (CIRC) project in the central libraries of 7 regions of Azerbaijan. Each center is providing access to the Internet, E-mail, periodicals, and books for community members, and developing career centers for students and unemployed individuals using human and Internet resources. Funds are also providing training for over 4,000 new computer users. For youth in these communities a hands-on, instructional experience with computers and technology are promoting the development of marketable computer and technology skills. These skills will link the youth and the community with the global economy and international society, and provide access to multi-lateral exchanges.

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